Seniors Outreach June 20, 2012

Last week was Seniors Week.  Seniors Outreach wants to express their gratitude to the more than 70 businesses and organizations that supported the Seniors Week events. Your generosity made the week a huge success. In with one donation cheque was the following appreciation for our many volunteers:
Volunteers used to simply be called good neighbours; they were the ones who heard that you or someone in your family were ill and showed up with a meal or to have coffee and talk or knew that you needed a ride to your doctor and made sure you got there.  They weren't exactly organized to do these things but you knew that if you needed a hand, they would be there for you just as you would be there for them.
In a world where government attempts to be our caretakers from the cradle to the grave we have unfortunately now lost some of that connection to each other in "our" neighborhood. It is increasingly easy to just "throw money" at various  government organizations and feel that you have done your part but, as well meaning as it is to  do that, something of the old "community" we once shared does get lost in the translation as a result of these changing values.
We while going about with our busy lives even though financially supporting organizations like Seniors Outreach, assume that our donations are making sure that those who need a hand up are being taken care of and in many ways that is true. But, in reality, money does not and never will provide the contact, the human and loving touch that these volunteers so freely give along with their time. We can lose sight of the people on the ground who make sure that things that are needed to be done, do get done.
We can lose sight of the fact that these "volunteers", these "good neighbours" who willingly and quietly give of their time and compassion to make sure that people, not statistics are tended to, should ALSO be taken care of and be honored for their gift to our community. They provide a chain of sometimes unnoticed support that helps bind our communities together, so that those who need a human touch aren't forced to live without it, that those who could just use some personal conversation need not sit effect, these volunteers ARE our community.
We are more than pleased to recognize Seniors Outreach and all their stellar volunteers.... OUR good neighbours!!!
We appreciation all donators support and your comments!