Outreach News June 27, 2012

July 1st is fast approach when we celebrate Canada's birthday. This is also the time of year when both Federal and Provincial funding is adjusted. The governments have now had time to review your 2011 tax returns and you may find OAS (Old Age Security) and GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) adjustments reflected in your July payment. These adjustments are also true for the Alberta seniors' financial supplement as well. So don't be surprised next month when most of your income sources change a little.
In Alberta, we are very blessed to have a Provincial government that provides Alberta Seniors Supports.  This program offers additional funding to lower income seniors for house repairs, appliances, footcare, lifeline, lift chairs, respite care, nutritional beverages, medical trips, funeral expenses, and housekeeping/yard maintenance. It is truly a wonderful program and Alberta is leading the way in providing this service to seniors.  However, as of July 1st the amounts given for these expenses may also change, therefore in some cases you may receive more than 2011-2012 and in other cases, you may receive less.  Until the new amounts are released by the government, the changes remain unknown.
The staff at Seniors Outreach will be able to assist you with eligibility and expense claims so don't hesitate to come and see us.