Outreach News July 14, 2010

Here's a great thought for the week in light of the summer we've been having:  "Ignore the dull days, forget the showers; keep track of only shining hours."   What a world we would have if only everyone would always focus on the positive and those "shining hours".  How much brighter and shinier our world would be. Though the negative would still be with us, it wouldn't get so much attention.
At Seniors Outreach, our mission statement is:  "Empowering citizens of Kneehill County through volunteering, service and advocacy to improve the quality of life for seniors".  We exist because of willing and faithful volunteers who want to make this world a better place. That is becoming more and more evident as younger folks are coming in to see where they can volunteer. Just recently I had a nine-year-old ask me if she could become a volunteer and do something to help seniors.  What a great attitude to start life with – serving and helping others.
Why not join the many volunteers who are working at making our world a better place?  Call  403-443-2555 today and see where you can get involved.