Seniors Outreach News April 24, 2013

The weatherman promises Spring will come in May. It gives us hope that sunshine, warmth, and colour other than white are just around the corner.  Sometimes when we are facing our darkest hour, we need that ray of hope in our lives.
In May, Seniors Outreach will be starting up our Grief and Loss support group again. Grief is a process that can't be hurried and having the caring support of others who understand what you are going through is important. There is no timetable for grieving and "getting on with one's life." Grief is a natural, healthy human reaction to the loss of a loved one and is part of the healing process. It can have many stages, ranging from shock, emotional reactions (crying), thoughts about the person who has gone, physical symptoms (sleeplessness, lack of energy, poor appetite, tight throat), anger, guilt, depression, withdrawal, and finally readjustment to everyday life. It takes time! Others can encourage and support you along your journey and you, in turn, can help support them on their journeys. As we wait for the hope of Spring, Seniors Outreach provides a support group for those who have experienced grief and loss that will bring hope and emotional support.  Please call our office for more information.
Upcoming events in May include the following:
• Tuesday, May 7 is the next Three Hills potluck lunch.
• Wednesday, May 15 is the next Red Deer bus trip.
• Thursday, May 16 is the next monthly information meeting. The topic is Dispelling Nutritional Myths.
• Friday, May 31 is the last Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra open rehearsal before summer and nicely ushers in our Seniors Week activities.
Please call the Seniors Outreach office at 403-443-2555 for more information. We are always here to serve you.