Outreach News September 15

Welcome back to a new fall season. It's time to get active again after the break of summer and Seniors Outreach is ready to start up our existing programs and services and add some new things for the fall.   Let me tell you about them:  For further information on any of these call 403-443-2555.
The Monday Club, a adult day program for people with memory lose and a respite day for caregivers has begun again at the CommUnity Drop in Center, every Monday.  Call first to register your loved one.
Sept. 16 the Monthly Information Meeting  will be held at the CommUnity Drop in Center with a speaker from the Canadian Diabetes Association. Everyone is welcome.
Sept. 16 – The Intergeneration Program begins with registration and meet your partners at the CommUnity Drop In Center.
Sept 23 - Bingo will be held at the CommUnity Drop In Center.
Monday thru Friday mornings Drop In Center is open for games and fellowship. A new pool table has just been donated so pool players check it out!
Wednesdays the CommUnity Drop In offers Bridge to those who love that game.
All those who use the CommUnity Drop In Center want to express appreciation for a job well done by our town employees in maintaining the grounds around the Center.
New Programs for the fall: Thursdays the CommUnity Drop In Center stays open through lunch till 3 pm.  Bring your bag lunch and have a full day of fun there.
Foot Care treatments are available at the CommUnity Drop  In Center by appointment with Leigh Somers, call 403-572-3810 to book.
November 5 a Retirement Planning Seminar will be offered for those planning to retire in the next 5 – 10 years, call our office to register and for further details.
The communities of Acme, Carbon, Linden, Swalwell, Torrington, Trochu and Wimborne have representatives from Seniors Outreach working in those communities to assist seniors and implement programs for seniors.  You can call our office for an appointment with the rep in your community for assistance.
Quote for the week:  "In seeking happiness for others, you find it in yourself."