Seniors Outreach News - March 4, 2015

Tax season is upon us whether we want it or not. This is an important season for seniors as many of your benefits are dependent upon you filing a tax return. I have heard seniors say "nothing has changed so why do I need to file a tax return" or "I only get my old age security and CPP so I don't need to file a tax return." They later come in to see me to find out why their Alberta Seniors Benefit and Guaranteed Income Supplement has been stopped and then they experience several months of unnecessary financial hardship while the situation is resolved. Whether you do your own tax return or have family members, an accountant, or FCSS do it for you, you MUST put in a return to keep your benefits running smoothly.
Seniors Outreach has several events coming up that you may want to take advantage of. The next special trip is to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra to hear the beautiful music of Vienna on Friday, March 6th. Also, on April 1st, the bus will be going to the Rosebud Theatre to take in The Miracle Worker so don't miss out on a good meal and a wonderful performance. April 10th is another Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra trip to hear the Russian Masters. If you need to just get out, remember that the CommUnity Drop-In Centre is open daily, Monday to Saturday, for a fun filled time of coffee, pool, crib, scrabble, or just working on puzzle together. You never have to feel shut in as there is always something happening to participant in. For more information on any events coming up, please call our office at 403-443-2555. We are here to serve you.