Seniors Outreach - January 13, 2016

Happy New Year! All of us at Seniors Outreach want to wish you a wonderful 2016 and we look forward to seeing you soon! Please stop in for information on our resources, services and volunteer opportunities.
I spent a lot of the last weekend cleaning out a storage room in our house and my office at work. I am finding as I get older, my patience for clutter is declining. How do we bust the clutter as we get older?
Over the years, a combination of sentimental objects, things we'll use one day, little gifts never used or newspaper clippings fill up our surroundings. There are real reasons to declutter, clutter can trip us up, with declining eyesight it can get harder to find things we use everyday and for focus, messy environments can make it hard to process information. The best reason to declutter comes from Ms. Fix-It, Jennifer Phelps who states, "when your house is full of things from your past, things that only remind you of who you were, you very literally have no room for who you are now and who you are becoming."
So how do we start decluttering? Here are a few tips to help out.
• Don't try to tackle too much at once. Set aside a set amount of time and stick with it. If you try too much time it will be hard to maintain focus and become frustrating.
• Prepare three bags or boxes and label them, keep, toss & sell-donate-give to family.
• Consider what storage space you have right now or you will have if you are transitioning from your home to a lodge, manor or care facility.
• Medical needs and medications can change as we age. Check to see if your pharmacy has a take-back program or speak with your Doctor about proper disposal.
• Eyeglasses and hearing aids are wonderful tools but they aren't doing any good sitting in a drawer! Keep your last pair of glasses for use in an emergency and recycle or donate the rest.
• Nostalgic items can be difficult to give away. An idea is to take a picture of the item and save it in a nostalgic folder. People feel better about parting with the items when they have a picture, as part of the hesitation in giving them away is they don't want to forget. This may help.
• We live in a world of digital files and virtual paperwork but this can be daunting for those who haven't embraced these new practises. Having a real paper trail can be wise in some circumstances but we don't need 30 years of financials. Your attorney or accountant can tell you which papers fall into different categories and advise which we can dispose of.
I hope this helps and now I need to take my own advice! Happy organizing folks!
Please check the Coming Events of the Capital for information on our upcoming Service Canada presentation. Stop in our office or call us at 443-2555 for more information.