Outreach News January 26, 2011

At the Healthy Brains presentation last week put on by the Alzheimer Society of Red Deer we learned some interesting facts about how to keep your brain healthy and active. Exercising your brain is as important for well being as exercising your body. Here are some simple things everyone can do no matter what age or stage of life you are at.  Brush your hair with your left hand, if you normally use your right hand. Same with brushing your teeth or using your fork – use the opposite hand. Any task you do on a regular basis try using the opposite hand, leg or foot to do it.  Takes some concentration and effort but that's exercising your brain. Here's another good idea, make a new friend – there are still folks you don't know I'm sure even if you've lived here along time. Find someone you've never meet before or even someone you don't know very well and cultivate a relationship with them. Get to know them, ask questions about their live and past, share your life with them. It gets both of you out of your comfort zone but challenges your brain and expands your social life which is also so important for healthy living.
Just on another note for those who attended that meeting and donated to the Alzheimer's Society for their Coffee Break we raised $181 towards the support of that society's work. Thanks to all who contributed to that cause.  If you or someone you know is struggling with a loved one with this disease, Seniors Outreach has programs that can help both the caregiver and the sick person. Call 443-2555 for more information.