Seniors Outreach - February 20, 2019

Kind/Kindness: a sympathetic, friendly, gentle, benevolent or generous action or way of treatment of others.

(Source: Webster’s New World Dictionary)

A major direction of our more recent interactions, social and otherwise, seems to be one of being “anti”. We, even as seniors, seem to be anti-liberal, anti-conservative, and at this time of year – anti-bullying! Now ‘anti’ promotes the idea that we are ‘against or hostile to’ something. And at times we do need to stand up for important values and to hold a stance that promotes the opposite of what may not be beneficial to our society.

What may be even more helpful is the understanding and promotion of a positive stance. When needing to provide a direction for people to go, we as seniors have the opportunity to provide an example of what should be done in a situation.

One way to do this is the Random Acts of Kindness that is promoted in the month of February. Do something supportive, helpful and positive for others – both directly and indirectly. The present Ad on television that has captured my eye has been the Tim Horton’s ‘storyline’ of the young boy with his mother in the drive through and he decides to ‘pay-it-back’ by buying a coffee for the lady in the car behind him with money that his grandfather has given him. This Random Act of Kindness not only promotes a positive feeling but gives the people involved a deeper sense of a particular way of being encouraging toward others. Doing something positive for others makes it more difficult to be a bully, to react only angrily to others, to make life harder for someone else, and/or to maintain a selfish nature in our interactions.

As socializing is an extremely important component of life for us as seniors, enabling more positive social situations through exemplary Acts of Kindness is one way of setting out a good example for ourselves and others.

How do I do this?

1. The pay-it-back or pay-it-forward approach is a wonderful example to others.

2. Stepping in to clean up after an activity without ever being asked or cajoled into doing this.

3. Continuing to ‘take a turn’ at games instead of assuming that you should play all games.

4. Commending others for positive actions whenever possible (written and unwritten) or to their boss or to others.

5. Being able to ‘laugh’ at yourself/not become so serious about everything.

6. Including others in a variety of activities whenever possible.

7. Give a smile and ‘Good Morning’ just because you can.

8. Listen to others.

9. Help out a neighbor in difficulty – provide a casserole, shovel their snow, cut their lawn, or whatever you are able to do.

10. Share a book or beneficial writing.

11. Be a traffic angel. Don’t treat other drivers as competition but as others that you can help if needed as you all travel.

12. Pay a visit to an older friend who lives alone, in a retirement community or in the hospital.

You get the idea. Such Random Acts of Kindness are a positive example for all of us.

Seniors Outreach provides opportunities to interact and socialize as well as volunteer possibilities in order to keep one’s mental and physical abilities engaged.

Seniors Outreach Activities:

Call Seniors Outreach Main Office (403-443-2555 or toll free from Carbon at 1-888-443-2555) to sign up or for more information:

Red Deer Bus Trip – Wednesday, February 20, 2019 ($20/trip)

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Open Rehearsal – Friday, March 15, 2019

Monthly Info Meetings (1 hour): Thursday, February 21-

“Taxes for Seniors” by B. McIntyre, CRA

NOTE: Bring your tax questions. Join us at one of these sessions. It will be very helpful for information at Income tax time: 10:00 a.m. CommUnity Drop In Centre, Three Hills 2:00 p.m. Silver Willows Centre, Torrington.

Seniors Outreach Program Society is thankful to Alberta Culture and Toursim for their support through the Community Initiatives Program – Operating Grant for 2017 & 2018!