Seniors Outreach - March 10, 2020

“No, I’m not familiar with the dress code….but I’m pretty sure that jammies aren’t on it!” [Source: “” ]

Well maybe, at this time the dress code is suspended. Somewhat, anyway. After all, “social distance” is the order of the day. Presently, many of us who are over the age threshold (60), should practice ‘distancing’, use sanitizer, wash our hands very, very often, and should not meet anyone in groups. So, probably, I would be able to get away with – my jammies. We all need to have a lighter side to our activities at this point. I promise, I won’t tell you what I am wearing. Nor will I ask what you are wearing.

We are coming to the end of our second week of change as Seniors Outreach. Starting March 18, 2020, we began with the closure of the Three Hills CommUnity Drop-In Centre, No Bus runs, the closure of our extension offices across Kneehill County, and our Main Office running from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m Mondays to Thursdays. This created the telephone-and-email- connection syndrome. You are able to call us and ‘talk things through’ on the phone with little or no appointments. However, unless we absolutely need to have a walk in appointment, in general this will not be happening at present. Call Seniors Outreach at 403-443-2555 or toll free from Carbon & area 1-888-443-2555 or email . In these ways, you will be able to get a hold of us.

If you are in need of some supplies, prescriptions, etc., we do have folks who are interested in providing the delivery of those items. Our Caring Drivers Delivery Program may be able to assist you. They would need to have someone ‘run’ it out to them from the store/pharmacy – so they do not need to go into the store and pick out the items. Finally they would drive it to your home and knock on the door/ring the bell and when you come to the door, they will leave the items at the door for you. In this same vein, we have the possibility of having FROZEN MEALS (Meals On Wheels) delivered roughly 2X a month. Our next order date would be Monday, April 13, 2020 and the delivery would be on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. We would be able to fax you a copy of the order form and have you fax it back to us when complete or even take the order over the phone, however, we do require full payment by cheque made out to “Wheatland Meals On Wheels” or etransfer to Seniors Outreach before the order date.

Further to this, we are still looking for drivers in some of the places across the County. Thank you so much to the drivers who have already stepped up and are on our list and to all who are helping others in Kneehill County already. As you, Seniors, need assistance, do not hesitate to call us between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays.

Until further notice, we encourage everyone, as much as possible, PLEASE STAY HOME. As well, remember, in general we can all wear our ‘jammies’ at home, if we wish to. No judging. Be safe and keep others safe as well.

The present situation continues to still be quite changeable, however, Seniors Outreach will continue to take phone calls, set up deliveries where possible, answer questions and even assist with forms. You are also welcome to email us at . We will provide support where possible. Call 403-443-2555 or from Carbon and area 1-888-443-2555 (toll free).


• SENIORS OUTREACH MAIN OFFICE in Three Hills will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Mondays to Thursdays)

• Extention Offices in Acme, Carbon, Linden, Torrington & Trochu are CLOSED

• BUS RUNS HAVE STOPPED and NO Community Bus runs will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week in Three Hills.

• The CommUnity Drop-In Centre, Three Hills is CLOSED.


• Attention Kneehill County Seniors: Kneehill Regional Family & Community Support Services (KRFCSS) will be providing free Income Tax services starting in early March until the end of April, 2020.

Please PHONE THEIR office for an appointment @ 403-443-3800.

Do Not Drop In for a visit.

We all recognize our situation is difficult, but we know where we are at.

Worse Punishment

An Air Force cargo plane was preparing for departure from Thule Air Base in Greenland. They were waiting for the truck to arrive to pump out the aircraft’s sewage holding tank.

The Aircraft Commander was in a hurry, the truck was late in arriving, and the Airman performing the job was extremely slow in getting the tank pumped out.

When the commander berated the Airman for his slowness and promised punishment, the Airman responded, ‘Sir, I have no stripes, it is 20 below zero, I have a bang on my head, I’m stationed in Greenland, a dog ran off with my coat, and I am pumping sewage out of airplanes. Just what are you going to do to punish me?’ [Source: ]