Seniors Outreach - April 22, 2020

The barista at Starbucks was wearing a face mask.

Me: Why are you wearing a surgical mask?

She said: I’m not, it’s a COUGHY filter.


And then there is homesteading. This is a tough term to define since it can mean different things to different people, and often is made up of (unique) ideas and motivations….. It’s generally a lifestyle that closely resembles the small farms from about 70 (to 100) years ago, when people produced most of their own food with a mix of gardening and livestock. They crafted things instead of going shopping and tried to be as self-sustaining as possible. That’s what you would call homesteading today.

A homesteader …………. (is) usually doing this as a way of supporting their own family in a sustainable and personal way. Sure, many homesteaders sell home-grown goods or crafted products as a way of earning some extra income but that’s not why they homestead.

Homesteaders are reviving many older skills that run the risk of disappearing in this era of factory-made goods. They are making their own cheese, spinning wool into yarn, canning up the latest harvest, baking bread, foraging for wild food and many other “old-fashioned” crafts.

Some people choose homesteading because it is usually a more environmentally-friendly way of living, but that isn’t the only reason. Other reasons are a little harder to pin down. Most people who homestead really just want to get back to a simpler way of life where they are responsible for more of their food and their own surroundings.

It’s a lot more than just gardening or just keeping animals or just learning old-style skills. The foundation of a homestead is how all of these things work together as a whole.

[Source: Homesteading 101, Survivalist 101 – Survival Begins here,]

We are definitely in a timeframe of living out a simpler lifestyle. As seniors, many of us have an understanding of the homesteading ways from our past years. Sometimes we recognize that there are definitely challenges in living out this type of lifestyle, and our present pandemic does not give us the access that we, our parents, and grandparents had when they farmed, ranched and/or homesteaded.

As we stay ‘home’, wash our hands/sanitize our hands in a sustained manner (more than we ever have done before), keep ourselves 2 meters/6-7 feet (a hockey stick length or so) apart, and stay connected by technology: telephone, cell phone, IPAD, computer, zoom meetings, skype, etc., we all recognize that the future has jumped ahead of us and we may need to do some catching up.

Perhaps the main concerns going forward will be:

a. Am I able to ‘entertain’ myself/ourselves or keep good mental health operating as an individual and/or family?

b. What will my schedule of activities be on a daily/weekly basis? It is important to set up a doable schedule of activities – no matter how simple they may be – that are consistent.

c. How do I keep healthy? Exercise, food, medications, communication?

This is our simpler lifestyle. The 2020 Homesteading Lifestyle! And yes, it can happen anywhere.

Until further notice, Seniors Outreach encourages everyone, as much as possible to PLEASE STAY HOME. In all situations practice Physical Distancing of 2 meters. Please Practice FREQUENT HAND WASHING OR SANITIZING and WIPE DOWN ITEMS that you have been in contact with – before and after usage. Be safe and keep others safe as well.

The present situation continues to still be quite changeable, however, Seniors Outreach will continue to take phone calls/emails in order to set up deliveries where possible, answer questions, and even assist with forms. You are also welcome to email us at . We will provide support where possible. Please Call 403-443-2555 or from Carbon and area 1-888-443-2555 (toll free) for any assistance.


1. The Provincial Building in Three Hills is now locked. However, at present, the SENIORS OUTREACH MAIN OFFICE in that building will continue to be staffed and to take calls between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. (Mondays to Thursdays). Limited admittance may occur, if necessary.

2. MEALS ON WHEELS AND FROZEN MEALS ON WHEELS are still available. Contact us for the frozen meals menu/costs and payment before the next order date: Monday, April 27/20. Delivery for those frozen meals will occur on Tuesday, May 5/20.

3. Extention Offices in Acme, Carbon, Linden, Torrington & Trochu are CLOSED

4. All BUS RUNS HAVE STOPPED and NO Community Bus runs will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week in Three Hills.

5. The CommUnity Drop-In Centre, Three Hills is CLOSED.


KRFCSS INCOME TAX UPDATE: Attention Kneehill County Seniors: Kneehill Regional Family & Community Support Services (KRFCSS) will be providing free Income Tax services starting in early March until the end of April, 2020. Please PHONE THEIR OFFICE for an appointment @ 403-443-3800.