Seniors Outreach - April 29, 2020

Remember: “You’re Worth It”

I work as a cashier in a grocery store. I’ve only been working there for a few weeks when they book me in for the first time on a Sunday; it’s usually very busy on weekends so they try to ease new cashiers into it. As predicted, it is quite busy. My coworker next to me has a line-up of people and as I am free, I ask the old man and middle-aged woman who are next in line if they want to come through my cash.

Middle-Aged Woman: “No, thank you. He has Alzheimer’s so we try to keep the routine the same. We always go through this cash.”

Me: “Oh, okay. No problem!”

A few minutes later, the old man comes up behind me and taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and he holds out a candy for me. A bit confused, I take the candy and thank him. Then, he looks around and places another one in my hand.

Old Man: “You’re worth it.”

He then smiled, squeezed my hand, and left with his caretaker. Every Sunday for the past two years that I’ve worked there, the old man comes in with his caretaker and gives each cashier a candy, but he always gives me two and tells me I’m worth it.

[Source: Not Always Right - Retail Workers Need Something Sweet, ]

As we have just celebrated Volunteer Week (last week), Seniors Outreach staff constantly is reminded that our many Volunteers across Kneehill County are the heart beat of this organization.

I wish that we had more to provide for you as volunteers and to encourage you. Our heartfelt thank you and encouragement is the best that we can presently do through this COVID-19 pandemic. THANK YOU so much for all of your efforts and be safe! If there is anything that you as volunteers and those of you that are seniors need, do not hesitate to call our Main office – 403-443-2555!

As we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Seniors Outreach in 2020, our history loudly proclaims the importance of our Volunteers. This organization began because of the needs that seniors had and still have and because of the volunteers who have stepped up consistently over this time to meet those needs.

We provide Transportation (Caring Cars & Buses), Specialty Trips/Caring Visitors & Callers/Education &Monthly Information Meetings/Elder Abuse information and facilitation/Support Groups/Services which include helping to access, complete, and send in forms and applications for seniors financial help and supports/review of government information/advocacy through government & other contacts/intergenerational activities/ opportunities for volunteerism/and especially knowing that we are there for you/etc. Each of these programs have developed through our volunteers stepping up and helping out throughout the last 25 years.

Going forward, Seniors Outreach is continuing on with some of the volunteer support in the area of caring cars, meals on wheels & frozen meals on wheels deliveries across Kneehill County and our staff being available for telephone and email support as possible to continue to help out with your needs.

As we provide some support during this pandemic, we wish that it would be possible to personally meet each volunteer and tell them – “You’re Worth It.” And we know that each volunteer, as they step up to help out where they can, are saying to the people that they help, “You’re Worth It.”

We trust that this COVID-19 pandemic will end soon and that we can re-establish more of our tremendous volunteerism across the board. We continue to be grateful for those who still are helping out where they can – as drivers, as callers, and supporters.


Until further notice, Seniors Outreach encourages everyone, as much as possible to PLEASE STAY HOME. In all situations practice Physical Distancing of 2 meters. Please Practice FREQUENT HAND WASHING OR SANITIZING and WIPE DOWN ITEMS that you have been in contact with – before and after usage. Be safe and keep others safe as well.

The present situation continues to still be quite changeable, however, Seniors Outreach will continue to take phone calls/emails in order to set up deliveries where possible, answer questions, and even assist with forms. You are also welcome to email us at . We will provide support where possible. Please Call 403-443-2555 or from Carbon and area 1-888-443-2555 (toll free) for any assistance.


1. The Provincial Building in Three Hills is NOW LOCKD. However, at present, the SENIORS OUTREACH MAIN OFFICE in that building will continue to be staffed and to take calls between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. (Mondays to Thursdays). Limited admittance may occur, if necessary.

2. MEALS ON WHEELS AND FROZEN MEALS ON WHEELS are still available. Contact us for the frozen meals menu/costs and payment before the next order date: Monday, May 11/20. Delivery for those frozen meals will occur on Tuesday, May 19/20.

3. Delivery driving is available for those who need this support.

4. Extention Offices in Acme, Carbon, Linden, Torrington & Trochu remain CLOSED

5. All BUS RUNS HAVE STOPPED and NO Community Bus runs will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week in Three Hills.

6. The CommUnity Drop-In Centre, Three Hills remains CLOSED.


KRFCSS INCOME TAX UPDATE: Attention Kneehill County Seniors: Kneehill Regional Family & Community Support Services (KRFCSS) will be providing free Income Tax services starting in early March until the end of April, 2020. Please PHONE THEIR OFFICE for an appointment @ 403-443-3800.