Seniors Outreach - June 17, 2020


[Source: Geezer Planet, Senior Wisdom, Series No. 2 ]


Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) minimum withdrawal reduced: CRA and COVID-19

The minimum required withdrawal for all types of registered retirement income funds (RRIFs) has been reduced by 25% for the year 2020. Individuals who have already withdrawn more than the reduced 2020 minimum amount will not be permitted to re-contribute the excess amount back into their RRIFs. Tax will only be withheld if you withdraw more than your unreduced minimum amount.

The 25% reduction applies to the entire minimum amount for 2020. For example, if an individual’s 2020 RRIF minimum amount before the reduction is $12,000, they could have received the minimum amount of $1,000 per month. Due to the economic measure, their 2020 minimum amount is reduced by 25% to $9,000 ($12,000 x 75% = $9,000). If the individual had already received $1,000 from January to April for a total of $4,000, they would only need to receive a total of $5,000 for the rest of the year to reach their new minimum amount. This means their monthly RRIF payments are reduced to $625 for the remaining 8 months (8 x $625 = $5,000).

This change also applies to individuals receiving variable benefit payments from a money purchase registered pension plan (RPP) and a pooled registered pension plan (PRPP). This change does not apply to minimum withdrawals from Individual Pension Plans.

[Source: Government of Canada website - ]


In order to support low-income seniors in Kneehill County during this COVID-19 pandemic, Seniors Outreach has extended our Frozen Meals On Wheels program and just recently received some Federal Funding through BOTH the Canadian Government Program- New Horizons for Seniors - provided through the United Way Central Alberta {These services could include the delivery of groceries, medications, or other needed items, or personal outreach to assess individuals’ needs and connect them to community supports.} and the FAMILY AND COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICES ASSOCIATION OF ALBERTA (FCSSAA). This funding is limited,to the next few weeks, however, it will provide some support for Frozen Meals on Wheels and for the purchase of some personal items as needed for low-income adults, families and seniors. Low-income adults and families should call Kneehill Regional FCSS at 403-443-3800 and low-income seniors should call Seniors Outreach at 403-443-2555 or from the Carbon area 1-888-443-2555 to inquire about ordering/having frozen meals on wheels delivered. YOU MAY ORDER OVER THE PHONE WITH ONE OF OUR STAFF MEMBERS before the next order date. The upcoming dates that will have some support are as follows:

Next Order dates in 2020 Next Delivery dates in 2020

June 22 (no later than 10:00 a.m.), June 30 (in the afternoon), July 6 (no later than 10:00 a.m.), July 14 (in the afternoon), July 20 (no later than 10:00 a.m.), July 28 (in the afternoon).

Follow this column for further order dates/delivery dates into July and August as funds are available.

REGULAR FROZEN MEALS ON WHEELS ORDERS: Anyone who is not at a low-income level to be supported may still order/have frozen meals on wheels delivered in Kneehill County, however in these cases we require that your orders to be paid in full/arranged for before the above provided order date(s).

DELIVERIES: Both the low-income and the regular Frozen Meals on Wheels deliveries are done by Seniors Outreach and/or community volunteers. We are extremely grateful for their willingness to do these deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic. They will not bring the frozen meals and/or personal items into your home but will knock on your door or ring your doorbell and leave the food at the front door (checking that you have come to the door to retrieve the food before leaving).


Ø Monday, June1, 2020: Seniors Outreach Main Office in Three Hills will do a limited reopening. The Seniors Outreach west entry door will be open – 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Mondays to Thursdays. Please follow COVID-19 protocol.

The present situation continues to still be quite changeable, however, Seniors Outreach will continue to take phone calls/emails in order to set up deliveries where possible, answer questions, and even assist with forms. REMINDERS: UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE:

1. The Provincial Building in Three Hills was RE-OPENED on a pandemic format as of June 1, 2020. The SENIORS OUTREACH MAIN OFFICE in that building continues to be staffed and to take calls/appointments between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. (Mondays to Thursdays).

2. MEALS ON WHEELS AND FROZEN MEALS ON WHEELS are available. Contact us for the frozen meals menu/costs and/or payment before the next order date.

3. Delivery driving/limited medical appointment Caring Cars are available for those who need this support.

4. Extention Offices in Acme, Carbon, Linden, Torrington & Trochu remain CLOSED

5. All BUS RUNS HAVE STOPPED and NO Community Bus runs will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week in Three Hills.

6. The CommUnity Drop-In Centre, Three Hills remains CLOSED.

7. NO BUS TRIPS TO RED DEER are presently planned.

We will be reviewing our situation/activities through the month of June during the Pandemic and with constant changes/updates from Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer we will advise Kneehill County of our own updates/changes! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

ANNOUNCEMENT: SENIORS OUTREACH IS NOW ON FACEBOOK. If you are already on Facebook simply enter Seniors Outreach Kneehill County and if you are seeking to link to facebook use:

Let us know how this is working for you!