Seniors Outreach - November 25, 2020

IMPORTANT NOTE: Seniors Outreach has had to check our process and progress in re-launching due to the present growth of the COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta and the recent directions of the Chief Medical Officer/Government of Alberta. We are focusing on following the masking, social distancing, tracking, hand sanitizing and cleaning at the Drop-In Center. Please be aware that we may need to close the Drop-In Center on certain days, depending upon the lack of host/cleaners/trackers or with regards to any future cases of infection of attendees that are brought to our attention.

ELDER ABUSE: As November comes to an end, please be aware that Family Violence/Elder Abuse Awareness has not gone away. Be aware that this persists throughout the year.

Peter’s Story (physical and emotional abuse)

Peter wanted to remain living in his home, but he really needed someone to help him with his day-to-day care. His niece, Mandy, had always loved her Uncle Peter and since she was between apartments, it was decided that she would move into his home and assist him with his daily tasks.

Mandy tries her best, and she can be very kind at times. But at other times, she loses patience with how slowly Peter moves. She’ll sometimes shove him out of the way if she’s in a hurry, resulting in more than one tumble and bruise. She tries to be patient, but often her frustration leads to insults, name calling and door slamming.

Neighbours had heard the shouting and Peter’s sharp cries of pain from time to time. One of these neighbours was finally compelled to call the police when she heard Peter’s continual cries through the bathroom window. Police found him on the floor of the bathroom with a shattered hip and bleeding head. He had been laying there in pain for some time after Mandy, frustrated with having to help him with his personal hygiene, pushed him off the toilet and left the house in a rage.

Note: The characters and events depicted in this scenario are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. (Source:Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council)


Please note the Attention/Changes within our re-launch of activities and programs. ATTENTION: GIFTS FOR GRANDPARENTS: Be aware that this program will look different for 2020. Instead of receiving donations of items this year, Seniors Outreach will accept financial donations for the Gifts for Grandparents program this year. From these donations, Seniors Outreach will purchase needed items for the gift bags. Please call 403-443-2555 or 1-888-443-2555 (for the Carbon area) at our main office or connect with our Coordinators in Carbon, Linden, Acme, Trochu & Torrington) to financially support our Gifts for Grandparents program (by cheque or cash), or send an e transfer to We wish to be supportive of our Seniors in the Kneehill area and to continue to provide some gifting for seniors who need it. As such we will be purchasing the items for our gift bags from these donations.

ATTENTION: CHANGE: COMMUNITY BUS RUNS in Three Hills HAS STARTED UP – beginning with ONE RUN per week in the afternoons through November: Remaining run Thursday, November 26. Reminder: cost of bus run is $3. NO Specialty Bus Trips are planned at present. We continue to review our busing and any possible changes will be updated as it is deemed safe to do so. (Changes Will Be Announced) COVID – 19 Protocols – masking is required, social distancing (will only allow 6 places on the bus per time), cleaning will be done to areas used on the bus and please be considerate for our volunteer drivers. They will do their best to bring you where needed as safely as possible.

ATTENTION: CHANGE: Orders on the Frozen Meals on Wheels Grant will be limited in terms of WHAT ONE IS ABLE TO ORDER (10-14 Items per person) and our value of an order will be BETWEEN $80 TO $100 per person as we go forward. We will only be able to have a limited number of orders go in every two weeks. Please try to have your orders in to Seniors Outreach no later than the Thursday before the Monday order date. Our last order went in on Monday morning, November 23, 2020 with the deliveries occurring on Tuesday afternoon, December 1, 2020. For our final order date of 2020, it will be on Monday, DECEMBER 7. As we are almost full for our final order date already, please call in to check if there is room to order as soon as possible. If this fills up – the next order date will be in January, 2021. Watch this column for that order date. If you are not able to have your order in for the next order date, your order will go in on the following order date. Please do not e-transfer funds to Wheatland Meals on Wheels before you have ordered and contacted Seniors Outreach. Thank you!The frozen meals on wheels menu is available for seniors at the Seniors Outreach main office [128 – 3rd Ave S, Three Hills] in the Provincial Building or for those under age 65 at the KRFCSS office. You may work out your order on the telephone with the reception desk/staff at either location. Low-income adults and families should call Kneehill Regional FCSS at 403-443-3800 to order.Low-income seniors (Ages 65+) should call Seniors Outreach at 403-443-2555 or from the Carbon area 1-888-443-2555

CLIENT SERVICES: Seniors Outreach MAIN OFFICE is open for regular hours –Mondays to Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily.

Extension Offices: will provide client services in person (with an appointment) in

Kneehill North: Trochu office at Frank VanderKley’s Law Offices – presently on Tuesdays & Wednesdays (9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) Torrington office at the Arena is open by pre-made appointments on Thursdays (9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.). Kneehill South- Acme office- Acme Seniors Association – Thursdays (9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.) Carbon- New Horizons Centre – Tuesdays (9:00 a.m.– 12:00 p.m.) Linden- 50+ Club (Care & Share Centre) – Thursdays (1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.) Please be aware that the doors may be locked at the extension offices. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: Please call 403-443-2555 (Carbon/area 1-888-443-2555) to make an Appointment.


For medical appointments one may call to book Caring Cars/Wheelchair Bus for those who need this support.

ATTENTION: CHANGE: Going forward, the Drop-In Centre in Three Hills is open on Mondays to Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Covid Protocols in place. A Daily Fee for usage is collected ($2/day) as you enter.

DIC Rentals: We will be attempting to open for some limited rentals (no more than 15 people) at the Drop-In Center as we go forward this fall.

SENIORS OUTREACH IS ON FACEBOOK! Check for updates and announcements and please post us or provide feedback about your facebook experience!

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO the Three Hills Capital, the Seniors Outreach Website, our new Facebook page, other news sources, or word of mouth regarding any further changes to our operations.