During this pandemic, I came across this poem by Laura Kelly Fanucci

“When this is over,

may we never again

take for granted

A handshake with a stranger

Full shelves at the store

Conversations with neighbors

A crowded theater

Friday night out

The taste of communion

A routine checkup

The school rush each morning

Coffee with a friend

The stadium roaring

Each deep breath

A boring Tuesday

Life itself.

When this ends

may we find

that we have become

more like the people

we wanted to be

we were c

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Some important supports and changes have occurred in the last month (March 2020)

Our COVID-19 Frozen meals Meals on Wheels Program in Kneehill County

Now more than ever, it is important to promote some healthy eating and sustained provision of meals. Through the provision of the Calgary Meals on Wheels program and in conjunction with the Wheatland Family & Community Support Services, Seniors Outreach provides the opportunity to have FROZEN meal deliveries happen in Kneehill County. Through t

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“No, I’m not familiar with the dress code….but I’m pretty sure that jammies aren’t on it!” [Source: “https://www.rd.com/funny-stuff/work-cartoons/” https://www.rd.com/funny-stuff/work-cartoons/ ]

Well maybe, at this time the dress code is suspended. Somewhat, anyway. After all, “social distance” is the order of the day. Presently, many of us who are over the age threshold (60), should practice ‘distancing’, use sanitizer, w

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Every month 4,000 Albertans turn 65. Alberta’s seniors population will grow to more than one million by 2035. [Source: Seniors Budget Details - https://www.alberta.ca/seniors-budget-details.aspx]

We are a burgeoning group of people, us seniors. Since 2011, the added increase of baby-boomers to the senior’s population has promoted a powerful pressure to the support budgets across Canada. Alberta is no exception.

Despite this increase in numbers, Alberta Seniors and Housing still provi

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