We’ve done it again! Turned our clocks ahead and moved closer to the spring time of our present lives. We keep hoping for better weather but this last weekend has been anything but – snow, snow, snow. Keeping safe at this time of year is so very important.

Fall prevention can become somewhat difficult for us as we age for a variety of reasons:

1. Time change – when the clock shift occurs, our sleep patterns are disrupted and as we age it may take longer to readjust to the time

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Kind/Kindness: a sympathetic, friendly, gentle, benevolent or generous action or way of treatment of others.

(Source: Webster’s New World Dictionary)

A major direction of our more recent interactions, social and otherwise, seems to be one of being “anti”. We, even as seniors, seem to be anti-liberal, anti-conservative, and at this time of year – anti-bullying! Now ‘anti’ promotes the idea that we are ‘against or hostile to’ something. And at times

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IT’S COLD! We are definitely not used to it. As a result, the two major items on our list as seniors during this winter time are –

a. Keeping warm – When seniors go outside, the following are some good items to pay attention to: Wear layers - During colder months, Seniors should wear several layers of clothing. Start with a layer that is situated a little closer to the body and made of a fabric that wicks away moisture. For outer layers, wool, flannel or thick sweatshirt materi

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Meals-On-Wheels is a unique activity throughout Alberta and offered as part of Seniors Outreach programming throughout Kneehill County. For Seniors who have the need for some meals to be brought in to their own home situations, volunteer drivers deliver these to them.

The oldest Meals on Wheels programs in Alberta began in the 1960’s in Calgary (65) and Edmonton (69). Most of these programs began to support those who:
Don’t have family close at hand to help with meals or groceries

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