Living through a pandemic does strange things to a person. Suddenly the most cynical of us are responding to internet chain letters and sharing questionable memes.

This also means grandparents, stuck at home and social distancing without toddlers or jobs, have all the time in the world to forward emails full of cheesy jokes.

Or We may find that daily some of the following happen to us:

1. Half of us are going to come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks. The other half (not sure).

2. I used t

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Reasonable Situations I am able to stay at home. My house is wiped down/very clean.

I am able to keep 6 feet away from others. I have food to eat.

I have the option of not driving much.

I am able to get decent sleep.

I am able to do things that are meaningful to me that I had little time to do before.

My pension income/support stays the same.

I am able to phone/email/skype my family & friends.

I am able to wash my hands/sanitize my hands and keep them clean.


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Remember: “You’re Worth It”

I work as a cashier in a grocery store. I’ve only been working there for a few weeks when they book me in for the first time on a Sunday; it’s usually very busy on weekends so they try to ease new cashiers into it. As predicted, it is quite busy. My coworker next to me has a line-up of people and as I am free, I ask the old man and middle-aged woman who are next in line if they want to come through my cash.

Middle-Aged Woman: “No, t

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The barista at Starbucks was wearing a face mask.

Me: Why are you wearing a surgical mask?

She said: I’m not, it’s a COUGHY filter.


And then there is homesteading. This is a tough term to define since it can mean different things to different people, and often is made up of (unique) ideas and motivations….. It’s generally a lifestyle that closely resembles the small farms from about 70 (to 100) years ago, when people

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