Prairie Pilots attend Nationals

Prairie Pilots Nationals

For the first time ever in school history Pilots Athletes qualified for the Nationals. The entire Men’s Cross Country Team Judah Sutherland, Rogan Lindemark, Elijah Miller and Oliver Azeredo plus Josie Bennett from the Ladies Team, qualified for the Nationals November 11-12 in Medicine Hat. The weekend included pasta dinner and opening ceremonies Friday night and wrapped up with a banquet, awards, and closing ceremonies Saturday night.

According to Cross Country Coach Saulo Neves de Oliveira “I was very happy with the Pilots, despite a cold day on Saturday they recorded their personal bests for the season. I was very happy with the teams camaraderie and sportsmanship. Vanessa Dyck’s parents were a wonderful support for the team as they brought their van plus a tent with a heater inside. There were several athletes from other teams that visited the tent and the Pilots were able to witness to them. Even though it was cold enough to freeze Josie’s face so she could barely talk, but she was still smiling at the end of the race. Thanks to Christian for coming out to cheer us on.”

Judah Sutherland said the track was flat and fast but unfortunately Oliver Azeredo rolled his ankle and was unable to finish.

Elijah miller finished with a time of 31:54, Judah Sutherland 34:10, Rogan Lindemark 34:57 and Josie Bennett 26:48.

Indoor Track for the Pilots begins the third week of January.