An introduction to Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball 2

Pickleball! What Is that? A game? Really? Strange name for a game!

Invented by three fathers looking to entertain their bored children, (the original court is still there on Bainbridge Island in Washington State) it has evolved over the ensuing years to become the fastest growing sport in North America. Even the New York Stock exchange is not immune as they recently brought in three pros to play an exhibition game in their ballroom.

A sport where the whole family, young children, parents, and grandparents can have a blast, is a rarity, but pickleball fits the bill. In our previous club in Lethbridge, there were two regulars who were octogenarians. On the other hand, we recently spent an enjoyable hour with our eight year old grandson on the pickleball courts here in Three Hills.

Incorporating the rules of badminton, tennis and ping pong, the game is easy to learn. If you are looking for exercise, some time with friends, or you have a bit of a competitive spirit, come to the Three Hills Public School on Tuesday nights at 7:15 PM.