Three Hills School Senior Girls Basketball Team Receive 2023 A.S.A.A. Sportsmanship Award

Sr Girls Sportsmanship

Congratulations to the Three Hills School Senior Girls Basketball as they are this season’s winners of the 2023 A.S.A.A. Sportsmanship Award that was awarded at the 2A Girls Basketball Provincials! This honor has capped off an amazing season and the team is so proud of this achievement. The sportsmanship award is given by the host committee and it is based on input from those running the tournament, the officials, and other competing teams. When the team was informed that they had won the award, they received the following statement outlining the reasons the Royals earned this year’s honor:

‘The Three Hills Royals Senior Girls Basketball Team is this year's recipient of the 2023 A.S.A.A. Sportsmanship Award. Throughout the tournament, the Royals were noticeably supporting each other in a positive manner. This was demonstrated consistently during each game. Players on the bench were cheering for them while playing defense and offense, but what was impressive was when this could be seen during the game between players on the court. There was one instance where a call was made against one of their players, and #5 encouraged her teammate to keep going while the play was still happening.

Each player knew what their role was on their team. Starters knew that they would be substituted during certain situations, while their bench knew that while their minutes may be limited they knew what they had to do on the court. Both played with extreme integrity and honor.

The Royals were always in control of their emotions during each game, even in the Bronze medal game when the game became quite physical and calls were going both ways. The team pulled together and continued to play hard until the end of the game.

It was evident that for each game Three Hills respected their opponents, this was demonstrated during every game by how hard the team worked and played. If a collision occurred during the game, players from the Royals were quick to offer a helping hand to their opponents. If calls did not go their way, and when they wanted clarification both coaches and players did so in a professional manner.

The Royals played an extraordinary tournament. They were ranked in the middle of the pack coming into the tournament yet they were able to play themselves into the Bronze medal game where they lost a very hard-fought physical game to Calgary Christian Cougars. As one of the evaluations stated, “They left it all on the court!”

Lastly, Three Hills had a number of fans travel to watch them play, these fans were extremely encouraging and entertaining in the stands. They never complained about the officials' calls, and they focused on supporting their team throughout the duration of the tournament.’

Well done, Royals! Your parents, coaches and your whole school is proud of your achievement!