2023 Spring Recital

Trochu Dance Troupe Lineup

The Trochu Dance Troupe presented their 2023 Spring Recital at the Trochu Community Center on the evening of May 2. The recital amounted to 12 performances both group and solo from beginner to senior. There was Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, Tap and Preschool. The performance included over 30 performers. The number of performers in each category is provided in parenthesis, and some dancers were in more than one act. Senior Lyrical (3); Beginner Jazz (7); Beginner Lyrical (6); Solo; Intermediate Tap (2); Beginner Ballet (7); Preschool ((7); Intermediate Jazz (4); Senior Jazz (4); Beginner Tap (6); Solo-Lyrical by Kallie Hogg who has been dancing for 10 years. The finale had all the dancers on stage. The earlier competition had the dancers receive two medals and participate in a “showcase” presentation.