Three Hills Dance Celebration Celebrates 20 Years with “The Journey”

Dance Celebration Journey

The Three Hills Dance Celebration, under Ashley Savage, Director, presented Three Performances to show off the culmination of a lot of work this year and to commemorate and celebrate 20 years of Dance Celebration in Three Hills.

Using the theme “The Journey” from Judges 18:6 “Go in peace. For the Lord is watching over your journey” the very full program featured 36 acts and by my count, 132 performers.

Some of the dancers were in more than one expression and at least one made five appearances. There were seven teachers and five teaching assistants listed. Age levels and performance experience were from “Pre-School” to “Adult” and from Ballet to Hip Hop. These are the ‘classes’ listed in the program: Preschool A & B, Pre-Primary, Primary Ballet A & B, Ballet 1, 2, 3, 4A, 4B and 5, Intermediate and Advanced Ballet, Beginner, Junior, Senior, Premier and Adult Highland, Beginner, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Lyrical, Primary Jazz/Tap, Grade 1 and Grade 2 and Adult Tap, Youth and Teen Hip Hop, Junior Musical Theatre and Musical Theatre. In dance settings, each of the categories conveys something stylistic that is understood by the name to differentiate it from the next designation. The more common terms of ballet, highland, or tap might be self-explanatory. Lyrical tends to be more “interpretive” of a song or theme, whereas “Theatrical” may be taking it to another level of telling a ‘story’ or ‘progression’ and using props.

The choreography and coordination is the task of the teacher to put it together and then have the performers show it off. Lighting and costuming work together to complete the ‘message’. Whether watching the ‘beginners’ get “into the act’’… (or hold back) to the grace and beauty of the “Variation en Pointe” of the solos or Advanced Ballet, or the ‘gymnastics’ of the Hip Hop groups, there really was something for everyone.

Especially, of course, for proud parents, grandparents and friends.

Words of appreciation, along with practical gifts to many, were expressed.

The Celebration of 20 years gave several tributes to Jennifer Yourk and the foundation set from the beginning and the encouragement through the years.