Smith Rink Wins Huxley All-Nighter

Huxley A Event

Huxley All-Nighter A Event

In the A Event Final, the Julie Smith rink won over the Mitch Bauer rink. Pictured l-r: Julie Smith, Ty Parcels, Caleb Boorse, & Rebecca Boorse.

Huxley B Event

Huxley All-Nighter B Event

In the B Event Final, the Conner Fetterly rink won over the Adam Leischner rink. Pictured l-r: Riley Clarke, Sydnie Molnar, Conner Fetterly, & Casey Fetterly.

Huxley C Event

Huxley All-Nighter C Event

In the C Event Final, the Johnny Olafson rink won over the Darren Langford rink. Pictured l-r: Shelley George, Don Dufresne, Johnny Olafson, & Stefano Bernado.