Coulee Brook Holdings Wins 39th Annual Torrington Oilmen’s Bonspiel

The 39th Annual Torrington Oilmen’s Bonspiel was held on the weekend of February 9-11, 2024, with 12 teams participating in a round-robin style draw.

Torrington Oilmens Event A

A Event Winners

Coulee Brook Holdings

Left to right: Lead - Jaime Rein, Second - Quentin Farnham, Third - Phil Haarstad and Skip - Brian Park.

Torrington Oilmens Event B

B Event Winners

Subsurface Construction

Left to right: Lead - Mark Smyth, Second - Mark Mamer, Third - Kelton Mammel and Skip - Elzear D’Amour.

Torrington Oilmens Event C

C Event Winners

Uncle Rob’s

Left to right: Lead - Wyatt Kinniburgh, Second - Trent Kinninburgh, Third - Todd McGhee and Skip - Rob Davidson.