Pilots Attend Indoor Track Finals In Edmonton


The Indoor Track Finals were held at the U of A Universiade Pavilion, in Edmonton, from March 16-17, 2024.

Pilots Saturday results were:

Men’s 3000 Metre Run Open - Lony Repetski finished 9th with a time of 10:22.64.

Men’s Open Team Standings 300 Metre Dash - Gabriel Marchalek placed 9th with 39.50, and Owen Williams finished 25th with 42.05.

Men’s 1000 Metre Open - Elijah Miller placed 14th with a 2:57.22

Men’s 4x200 Metre Open - Gabriel, Owen, John and Elijah with a time of 1:42.24 placed 7th.

Pilots Sunday results were:

Men’s 60 Metre Dash Preliminary - Gabriel placed 12th with 7.63, and Owen finished 18th with 7.89. Team Rankings - Pilots 6th.

Men’s 600 Metre Open - Elijah placed 4th with a time of 1:27.93.

Men’s 1500 Metre Race Open - Lonny finished 10th with 4:52.07. Men’s Open Team Rankings - Pilots 5th

Men’s 60 Metre Dash Open Finals - Gabriel placed 7th with 7.69.

4x400 Metre Relay - Pilots placed 8th with 3:56.66 and Men’s Open Team Rankings - 8 Events Scored - Pilots 6th.

For more information go to ACAC.ab.ca.