Red Nite held in Acme


Red Nite Athletic Awards were held Monday evening, May 31, 2010 at the Acme School.  The highly coveted Female and Male Athlete of the Year went to Cherly Esau and Conrad Neufeld.  A couple of new awards were added to the list this year which include an overall female and male “Rookie of the Year” given only to a grade 10 student who showed ability, coach-ability, and positive leadership strengths.  Coreen Esau and Patrick Woodlands received the honor.   Another new award, the “Booster Award” was actually given to a non-student, who has exhibited incredible support for the school’s athletic program.   The recipient for this first-time award was given to Kurt Leinweber, who not only has been a coach but has been an undeniable presence at all athletic events, “the last one to leave an event, after everything has been put away”.

Badminton and Track and Field certificates were also handed out as part of the award ceremony.  It was noted that 2 of the 3 Badminton players were able to go on to Zones.  There were 26 athletes in Track  that moved on to Zones and 3 that went to Provincials.