Neons compete at Ponoka Cookie Classic



The Ponoka Pool Sharks hosted their annual Cookie Classic on November 27, 2010. Six Three Hills Neons coached by Kelsy Lindquist, including two new to competition, were in attendance. Besides winning a cookie for recording a best time, the Pool Sharks added a new twist to their meet. This year, the top five finalists in the 50M Freestyle in each category were invited to join the 25M Eliminator Round. The finalists would sprint the length of the pool, and the last one to touch would be eliminated. There were four rounds of sprinting until one swimmer was crowned champion. From our six Neons, we had three swimmers compete in The Eliminator!
Connor Freund (8) and Jordan Frere (9) were our new competitors. Connor finished 6th in the 25M Backstroke with a time of 35.91 seconds, and 7th in the 25M Freestyle with a time of 32.28 seconds. Jordan finished 4th in the 25M Backstroke and 10th in the 25M Freestyle with times of 31.41 seconds and 28.41 seconds respectively. What a great start to their competitive careers!
Michelle Hoppins (11) swam against a thick group of girls, aged 11 to 12, and received three best times. She swam the 50M Freestyle in 44.78 seconds, a 20th place finish, the 50M Backstroke in 51.18 seconds for 10th place, the 50M Breaststroke in 1:01.76, for 19th place, and the 200M I.M. in 4:15.51, finishing 11th. Keep up the good work, Michelle!
Janna Platt (12) bested her times in all four races. She came in 6th in the 200M I.M. with a time of 3:40.45, 6th in the 50M Backstroke at 48.38 seconds, 16th in the 50M Breaststroke at 57.11 seconds, and 5th in the 50M Freestyle with a time of 37.69 seconds. Her 5th place finish qualified her for The Eliminator, where she placed 4th. Congratulations, Janna, for a job well done!
Kristian Freund (10) swam some new races, as well as besting his time in others. He finished in 5th place in the 50M Breaststroke with a time of 1:02.47, 4th in the 25M Freestyle at 18.49 seconds, 4th in the 50M Butterfly at 55.47 seconds, and 3rd in the 50M Freestyle with a time of 40.75 seconds. His 3rd place finish qualified him for The Eliminator, where he placed 3rd. Way to go, Kristian!
Sidney Platt (11) received three best times. He placed 4th in the 50M Butterfly with a time of 48.57 seconds, 4th in the 50M Freestyle at 37.97 seconds, 3rd in the 50M Backstroke at 46.67 seconds, and 2nd in the 50M Breaststroke with a time of 54.69 seconds. His 4th place finish in the 50M Freestyle qualified him for The Eliminator where he placed 4th. Good job, Sidney!