Jim Peterson Rink wins 2010 Acme Mens Cash Bonspiel

The team of Jim Peterson, Don Summersgill, Norm and Tim Keim won the 2010 Acme Mens Cash Bonspiel the weekend of Dec. 7-11.
There were 18 teams, including 12 teams from Acme's regular mens square draw, two teams from Calgary and Irricana, and a team from Carbon and Strathmore. The event boasts a Friday night steak barbeque and a cash prize payout. Winning the B event was Lyle Kent, Mike Knight, Kory Irwin, and Nathan Relitz (pictured at time of win Scott Metzger). Winning the C event was Lance Smith, Steve Boake, Robert Visser and Nano Florante.
Also winning in the "A" event was in 2nd place Paul Wiebe (Skip), Mike Miller (3rd), Travis Leinweber (2nd ), Cory Gieck (Lead), in 3rd place: Scott Metzger (Skip), Wayne Grier (3nd), Murray Regehr (2nd), Michael Taylor (Lead), and 4th place: Kevin Hempel (Skip), Matthias Finck (3rd), Donovan Hagel (2nd), Lyle Hagel (Lead).
Winning in the "B" event was, in 2nd place, Elzear Da-Amor (Skip), John Keim (3rd), Hugh Ervin (2nd), Wes Keim (Lead), 3rd place: Darcy Rose (Skip), Kevin Henley (3rd), Greg Gieck (2nd), Curtis Rose (Lead), and 4th place: Jay Davis (Skip), Greg Bates (3rd), Darryl Gorr (2nd), Peter Visser (Lead).
Winning in the "C" event was, in 2nd place, Murray Huddle (Skip), Merv Rieger (3rd), Cliff Senft (2nd), Jesse Visser (Lead), 3rd place: Glen Rieger (Skip), Bill Taylor (3rd), Dale Downey (2nd), Ron Graham (Lead), and 4th place: Cody Creasser (Skip), Ryan Leys (3rd), Jay Hagel (2nd), Austin Nixdorff (Lead).