Acme Redmen’s Jovi Custodio signs with Ambrose University

Acme Redmen’s Jovi Custodio has signed with Ambrose University to play with the Lions Men’s Basketball team. Coaches Kurt Ratzlaff and Brent Moldrup had the following to say about Jovi:

“Jovi’s signing with Ambrose is really not a surprise to me. Jovi is not only a talented athlete, he also has an incredible work ethic. I gave Jovi keys to the school when he was in Grade 10, and he spent countless early morning hours working on his skills and conditioning.

Jovi matured s

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Avery Bates signs with Lakeland College Rustlers Woman’s Volleyball

Avery Bates has been a force on the volleyball court and we have been so thrilled to have her play with the Acme Redmen for the past three seasons.

She has developed into a remarkably versatile player that contributes to the team in whichever position she is placed. Over the last few years she has excelled as a middle blocker, as well as both a right and left side player. Most teams see Avery and fear for her incredible arm swing and powerful hits, which are extremely impressive, however that i

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Rupert/Hyshka win Carbon Doubles Bonspiel

On March 12th to 14th the final curling event for the 2019/2020 curling season was held in Carbon with the Doubles Bonspiel.

A fun time was had by all and the Curling Club/Ag Society would like to thank all the curlers who curled in the different bonspiels over the winter and a special thank you to the spectators and sponsors for the different events. Once the ice is removed, archery will be set up for the summer which is open to the public. The opening date will be advertised in paper and on V

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2020 KidSport Kneehill Meatspiel raises over $7,300

The 2020 KidSport Kneehill Meatspiel was held at the Carbon Curling rink February 26 to 29. The 11th Annual curling event hosted 12 teams throughout the week and weekend, and raised just over $7,300 to help children in our area participate in sports. Highlights of the event included a turkey putt on Saturday afternoon.

Through generous donations and the support of the community, this annual event has raised just shy of $66,000 in the past 11 years, “So ALL Kids Can Play!”

2020 KidSp

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