The Canada Day weekend is upon us once again. This is a biggy with pandemic restrictions behind us and a whole bunch of Canadians ready to party hard.

Well folks, don’t party to the point of jeopardizing the safety of yourself and others.

Be reminded that police authorities, throughout the Province of Alberta and beyond, will be out and about making sure we all play by the rules.

And the rules don’t stop after you’ve reached your destination. If you’re camping, be prepare

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I applaud the town of Three Hills for their quick action concerning the major water break on the afternoon of Tuesday Apr 26, 2022. It’s not every day you hear an emergency alert pertaining to your town. None of us ever want to hear that and none of us want to deal with it, but deal with it they did and fresh potable water was made available to all residents from water trucks located at the Three Hills Town office, and Kneehill County.

On Wednesday April 27th free bottles of water were mad

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Like I said last week, every month, week and day seems to have a special theme. The month of March is also Fraud Prevention Month. Every month should be Fraud Prevention Month.

By now, most of us have received countless telephone scams. How about those letters from Nigeria promising endless riches. Identity theft is ever-increasing and I, for one, have had my credit card compromised on several occasions.

Over the years I have had people in my office who have lost fortunes on get-rich-quick stock

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We live in a world filled with special days, weeks and months. Some are foolish, some are fun but others are some of a serious nature. As serious as life and death.

Here we are in March, 2022. March is National Kidney Month. Kidneys are vital organs that are required for survival and quality of life.

About 10% of Canada’s population has kidney disease and kidney disease is not just for old folks. About 46% of the four million Canadians with kidney disease are under 65 years of age.

Great s

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