That's Life - June 29, 2022

The Canada Day weekend is upon us once again. This is a biggy with pandemic restrictions behind us and a whole bunch of Canadians ready to party hard.

Well folks, don’t party to the point of jeopardizing the safety of yourself and others.

Be reminded that police authorities, throughout the Province of Alberta and beyond, will be out and about making sure we all play by the rules.

And the rules don’t stop after you’ve reached your destination. If you’re camping, be prepared to deal with the weather, be courteous to fellow campers and always leave your campsite in better shape than it was when you arrived.

Do not consume alcohol or drugs and then operate a pleasure craft. The water is a different kind of highway, more dangerous in some cases.

Now, let’s look at the weather. I get the feeling that weather forecasters and campsites could be in business together. Yes folks, the weekend weather looks spectacular so book that campsite and enjoy the great outdoors. This is where I cut in and remember watching all of the Rochon Sands campers flock into the Provincial Park the night before a long weekend. I always enjoyed the lightning, thunder and downpours that followed. The next morning there would be a steady flow of traffic headed in the opposite direction, especially if it was still raining. The weather person just shrugged and said, “I guess we didn’t see that coming.”

My suggestion is that anyone in a staycation mode should travel to Trochu and join in the Canada Day celebrations. See page 13 of this week’s issue for details.

Happy Canada Day everybody.

That’s Life.