That's Life - August 10, 2022

I used to be a sun seeker but it seems that those days are behind me now. The heat of this summer of 2022 would have been welcomed during our Buffalo Lake days, but now my wife and I seek shade and a cool, gentle breeze.

It used to be interesting to watch Rochon Sands Provincial Park empty and fill every two weeks through the summer months. I used to feel sorry for the tenters who managed to pick the rainy, cold weeks to enjoy the great outdoors.

We traveled to Drumheller last week and actually experienced a cool, cloudy day that came with a healthy breeze from the north. There was a family of holidayers huddled around a picnic table. One fellow was wearing a winter coat. They came to have a picnic and they were going to have a picnic no matter what, again reminding me of Buffalo Lake.

The same went for a few kids that took to the cooling waters of the wading pool next to the giant T-Rex. They were having a ball as their brave parents stood by looking on and fearing that they might have to run into the pool to save the day.

It’s not often when a summer day in Drumheller can be thought of as “chilly”. I remember visiting my grandparents on a scorching Drumheller summer day when my sister’s lipstick actually melted in the application tube. That’s right, we didn’t have air conditioning in our beloved Plymouth Savoy. We rode with the windows rolled down a lot because that’s they way it was.

As this is our first issue back to work, after our summer vacation, we’re catching up on things as best we can. It’s a little difficult getting back into the swing of things but we’ll get there.

Continue to enjoy your summer and try to stay protected from the sun by wearing a hat and sunscreen and finding a nice shady spot to sit in, unless I find it first. That’s Life.