That's Life - September 14, 2022

Do you remember where you were when you first heard that Queen Elizabeth had died? I do now but willI remember 20 years from now? Hard to say.

In our house the Queen was loved. My mother and grandparents were British and my dad’s folks were from Scotland. We never questioned the monarchy or the importance of the Queen. Things are different now, but that applies to just about everything.

For Queen Elizabeth to have faithfully served the Commonwealth and the world for 70 years is truly an amazing feat. For all of us under 70 (just by a bit) we know no other Queen. Others will shrug but I will mourn the loss of our Queen. May she Rest in Peace. God Save the King.

The Terry Fox Run is happening on Sunday, September 18, 2022 in Acme. I fyou would like to participate in this annual event you will need to meet at the Acme Community centre. Registration begins at 1 pm. Walkers begin their journey at 2 pm, runners at 2:10 pm and bikers at 2:15 p m.

The full route is about 9 kms with the option of a shorter loop returning to Acme on the old rail line. The majority of the route is on gravel.

Anyone interested in participating in supporting the Acme Terry Fox Run can register or donated online at htts:// The Acme Terry Fox Run is a free run and everyone is welcome. For any questions regarding the Acme Terry Fox Run, plese call Cathy Price at 403-836-0632.

That’s Life.