That's Life - October 26, 2021

Halloween is on Monday, October 31 and it should be a busy one.

It’s an exciting time for kids of all ages so there’s lots of hustle and bustle on our community sidewalks, our streets and our front yards.

Make sure your exterior yard lights are on and your yard is well lit. Remove any hazards that folks might trip over and become injured. If your household is not participating in the distribution of treats, please turn off your yard lights and exterior lights.

If a home is dark, please respect their wishes that they do not want to be part of trick or treat.

When it comes to Halloween safety, please make sure your children are wearing weather appropriate costumes. Use face paint, instead of masks, if possible. Masks can impair vision. Send your children out in groups or go along with them if at all possible. Be very cautious when operating a motor vehicle as children are often running back and forth from one side of the street to the other.

Be careful when accepting treats. Make sure candy is wrapped. Go through your children’s candy to make sure everything is alright. Be aware of your child’s allergies so check the contents on the wrappers.

Above all, have fun and be safe. That’s what Halloween is all about.

This week we present our 2022 Salute to Small Business. This is a sampling of businesses indicating the number of jobs provided. It’s an eye opener to see just how many folks are employed by these local businesses, schools and municipalities.

And like I said, there are many, many businesses and services that provide employment in this area but are not in this section.

We hope the job numbers catch your attention and drive home the importance of supporting local business. Without your support these businesses would not exist.

October is Small Business Month in Canada. Make every month Small Business Month so that our communities can all thrive and stay alive.

That’s Life.