That's Life - November 16, 2022

When October comes around each year things really start to fly by. There’s Thanksgiving, then Halloween, then Remembrance Day, and all of a sudden we’re trimming the tree and preparing for Christmas.

Spotting your first decorated Christmas tree, in someone’s front window, is like spotting your first Robin in the spring. I spotted four last night while on my evening walk. And with a flick of a switch outdoor Christmas displays are slowly beginning to appear. You see, some folks took advantage of the fine fall weather and created their outdoor displays in comfort. I’ve often thought about decorating our house for Christmas before Halloween and then hand out treats in a Santa costume. I just never seem to do it. My Dracula in a coffin is just too big a hit with the kids.

I have noticed that the Three Hills and District Palliative Care Society’s Tree of Hope will be on display at the Farm Basket, on Main Street, Three Hills, from November 21 to December 16, 2022.

When a donation is made in memory of a loved one, an ornament, with that name, is hung on the tree of hope. Everyone is welcome to drop in and view the ornaments as well as drop off donations.

All donations made are used to meet the needs of the Palliative Care program in Three Hills and surrounding area. And hey, you aren’t limited to remembering your human loved ones, I’ve had an ornament honouring my most wonderful cat Atticus since his passing. There, mystery solved. Now you know who Atticus Shearlaw is. And, I’m not crazy, my mother had me checked.

That’s Life.