That's Life - January 18, 2023

Fog is one of the most dangerous weather conditions for drivers. We seem to be in the thick of it these days. Some days are thicker than others.

There are a number of tips we should all follow for safer driving in foggy conditions.

Check your mirrors and slow down gradually. Decreased visibility means longer breaking times.

Increase the distance between yourself and others on the road. Make sure you have ample stopping distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Use your low-beam headlights and fog lights if you have them. Low beams are better in fog.

Limit your distractions to a minimum. That means turn down the music and put away your phone.

If you decide to wait out the fog, pull over as far as you can and activate your hazard lights. If possible, pull into a gas station, weigh station or a designated rest stop.

Watch for emergency vehicles. Look and listen as emergency vehicles could be coming up behind you or might be parked in front of you.

Be aware of people and wildlife on the road

Keep your line of sight as clear as possible by using your wipers and defogger.

Be patient. Refrain from attempting to pass in fog. Keep your speed down. It’s not worth the risk to be in a hurry.

These are all common sense tips but it’s amazing how many people, on our roadways, don’t seem to have any. They turn the key, put it in “D” and put the pedal to the metal. They are more of a hazard than the fog itself.

Just a final reminder to Three Hills residents that undecorated Christmas trees are being picked up Wednesday, January 18, starting at 8 a.m.

If it’s too late by the time you read this, please note that trees can also be taken directly to the landfill.

Also, the Three Hills Aquatic Centre will re-open on Saturday, January 21 at 1 pm. The facility has been closed for annual maintenance.

That’s Life.