That's Life April 20, 2011

There's a new scam out there in computerland and everyone is asked to keep sharp or get burned.
"System Rescue" is the name of the company that might approach you. The male caller has an east-Indian accent and he will tell you that his company was hired to monitor the internet. He will say there has been a lot of activity noted coming from your computer and he can prove it. You'll be asked to open up your administrative options and event viewer. The thing is that all computers generate all sorts of messages. He'll tell you that this is your problem. You'll be directed to his website where you are urged to download his software to fix your problems. At this point you will be charged for correcting a problem that you never did have. He now has the power to lock up your computer if you don't pay.
The 403 exchange is being targeted at this point. At press-time, four people from the area have been hit. At least two of those have turned their concerns over to the Cybercrime Division of the RCMP. The big problem is you don't know it's going to cost you money until they take over your system. The issues in your computer are all internal, normal error, not for outbound. This scam surfaced in England about one year ago and charges have been up to $400. As always, older people are a target for a scam like this.
As the Easter long weekend approaches, I would like to urge everyone to take it easy on the highways and follow the rules of the road. RCMP, Peace Officers and Provincial Sheriffs will be out and about making sure that you abide by the laws of the land.
For many of you it will be a four-day weekend. Enjoy, relax and spend quality time with family and friends.
Don't forget the Good Friday Community Service to be held at the Rick Down Athletic Centre on Prairie Campus on April 22 at 10:30 am and 7 pm. The offering will go toward Rehoboth's renovation project of the old Fields store and the International Justice Mission - fighting modern-day slavery.
I'll admit that I really miss being a kid at Easter. I remember colouring eggs and enjoying the Easter egg hunts. I recall one Easter when my sisters and I stayed with our grandparents in Drumheller. I think my folks were in Calgary writing exams to become Red Cross Lifesaving Instructors. Mom always said dad cheated off her test.
Well, that Easter Grandpa and Nanny (we called our Grandmother Nanny) gave us each the most beautifully decorated Easter Eggs ever. Each one was big and made of thick chocolate. The icing that decorated them was all the colours of spring.
We were playing in one of the upstairs bedrooms and we had our eggs with us. Well, one thing led to anther and I guess I said something to push my youngest sister past the point of no return. She wound up and pitched her fancy egg at me and Nanny walked in just as it hit the wall and exploded into a million pieces. Sis was in trouble deep. Man, did she get it. I sure enjoyed my egg. Hey, I was only five.
That's Life.