That's Life - October 18, 2023

Dear Editor,

Re: “Prepared to sacrifice our economy and thus our prosperity to appease the

Eco terrorists” by G. Snell; 9/26/2023

This individual claims that solar power, wind power, and the Carbon Tax will destroy our country. Why should he care? After all, he has been supportive of creating an independent country (“The grass is greener on the other side of the fence (border)”).

Some folks, with similar views, have proposed creating a new country called The Redoubt or The Great Redoubt (a country carved out of southeastern BC, eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, northern California, and all of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Maybe they will call this new country/state “North Texas”.

A new state/country where “gunslingers” can parade in public with their assault rifles, semi-automatic pistols, extended magazines while wearing tactical gear.

Maybe he hasn’t heard that US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, a conservative periodical, ranked Canada number two in the world as one of the most desirable countries. The BBC said the same thing about our country. Yes, Canada is not perfect, but it sure beats our neighbour south of us. Plus, Canadians don’t have to experience mass shootings on a daily basis.

It seems this individual has the same propensity as former US President Donald Trump to call people “stupid”. Hmm? If the ex-president is so smart, why is he facing numerous court cases in several states (New York, Georgia, Colorado, Florida, and the District of Columbia), and several of his supporters are facing humongous lawsuits for defaming the voting machine companies, claiming their machines had “rigged” the election in favour of President Biden.

In every court case, the “trumpets” have failed to prove the presidential election was “rigged” or was “stolen”.

This individual claims that the PM of Canada is “appeasing” the eco- terrorists by introducing carbon taxing and climate change legislation to harm our country. Like Mr. Trump, this person uses words that appeal to a certain base (“dog whistling). For instance, how can a person who is interested in protecting the environment be an eco-terrorist at the same time ? Does he know what the word terrorism means?

Do we call ranchers and environmentalists terrorists for opposing coal mining operations on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies? Does protecting forests, lakes, and streams make a person a terrorist?

Changing subjects: We have folks in our society, like in the US, who believe they’re “entitled” to ignore rules, regulations, and laws they don’t like. They wish to be free of restraints. If we all behaved the same way, we would not have a civil society, but one of chaos, confusion and anarchy.

George Thatcher

Olds, AB