That's Life - October 25, 2023

Small Business represents businesses with one to 99 employees. There are very few businesses in our readership area that don’t fall into that category.

Our Small Business section represents almost 1,000 jobs that provide needed incomes to families and individuals that turn around and re-invest those dollars back into our local economy.

Congratulations to the winners of the Three Hills and District Chamber of Commerce 2023 Small Business Award recipients. Please see their names and the businesses they represent elsewhere in this issue.

Personally, I believe that anyone operating a small business in Rural Alberta needs to be honoured and receive a standing ovation for surviving through tough times and ever-increasing competition from big-city stores and e-commerce.

As I write this we are under a snowfall warning. Many of us have been caught without our winter tires on our vehicles. Remember that even though it’s still fall the snow and some extremely cold temperatures have arrived. Slippery conditions are here so be extra careful out there.

Next Tuesday is Halloween and according to Environment Canada, it’s going to be a cold one. Please dress your little trick-or-treaters for cold temperatures. A winter coat over a costume might not excite every child but keeping them warm and safe is the most important thing. And, if it’s icy, make sure they are wearing proper footwear.

A few more Halloween safety tips include: always accompany young children, talk to your kids about the risk of distracted walking, cross the street in a group using established crosswalks, never assume cars will stop, stay on well-lit streets and stay on the sidewalk. Carry a flashlight, never enter a home or a vehicle for a treat.

If you are participating in trick or treat at your house, turn your front lights on. If not, turn your lights off.

Make sure your sidewalks are clear of snow, ice and debris, and items like garden hoses, bike rakes and so on.

Make sure your children wear costumes that are bright, reflective and flame-resistant. The list goes on and on.

Halloween is Tuesday, October 31 and that’s a school night. I assume trick-or-treating will begin a little earlier this year and perhaps end a bit earlier.

Remember: When the front door lights and yard lights go out that means that the house is closed for business. Please respect that. Have fun.

That’s Life.