That's Life May 11, 2011

Three Hills Farmer's Market is open for business on Tuesday, May 17.
You know, last year I went to the market with camera in hand. I didn't get more than a few feet inside the big curling rink door when I spotted freshly baked Artisan breads. Yum, yum!
I introduced myself to the young man behind the counter. His name is Jonathan Nellermoe. What a talent this young man has.
He dropped into my office the other day and told me he is apprenticing a young lady who has some great ideas about starting a community coffee shop/arts cafe.
Jonathan and his apprentice will be selling bread, together, at the Three Hills Farmer's Market Grand Opening from 10 AM to 1 PM on Tuesday, May 17 at the Three Hills Curling Rink. These young folks produce a sourdough that is a "runaway product" having sold out eight weeks in a row at last year's market.
They've got a great offer for you but you'll have to see them at the Three Hills Farmer's Market Grand Opening next Tuesday, May 17 from 10 am - 1 pm. Don't forget, hot lunch is served from 11 am to 1 pm at each Farmer's Market throughout the season.
When the news that John Bender was officially a member of the Calgary Stampeders hit I yelled "Touch Down".
The Stampeders were John's favorite team when he was a kid and now he's one of them. Congratulations John and welcome home. I was talking to his mom Linda on Monday and I said now that John is a Calgary Stampeder we should fill the two Rendezvous buses and head for every home game. We could market them as "Fender Benders". Let's give John Bender all the support we can as his "Hometown Fans." I know I'm dusting off my Calgary Stampeders Bar Clock. I'm even putting in a fresh battery.
John, I've known you since you were in kindergarten and I've got the picture to prove it. We are so proud of you for what you have achieved and we're so excited for you and your family.
When you went off to University, in Nevada, you told me that you would keep in touch. You kept your promise to me and your community.
As Mayor of Three Hills, as Publisher/Editor of this newspaper and as your friend I extend my sincere congratulations and wish you every success with your professional sports and business careers.
All of us have been cheering you on for a long time.
That means we're well rehearsed so "Go Stamps Go!"
That's Life.