That's Life June 8, 2011

We were all stunned by last week's announcement concerning the decommissioning of the Guzoo Animal Farm.
With a seven day limited permit the hands of owner Lynn Gustafson were nothing less than bound by the Province of Alberta.
What can be done with a Provincial order handed down with no right to appeal?
What can we do to help?
These questions are almost impossible to answer unless you are a seasoned lawyer with an appetite for this sort of thing.
The care and condition of Guzoo Animals is no longer the focus of this decision. That was something blown out of shape by a bunch of uninformed antisocial networkers. I believe the Government of Alberta succumbed to the constant pressure from these people, most of whom never set foot on the place. A provincial election looms and this closure could have a lot to do with popularity at the polls.
Guzoo Animal Farm and the Gustafson family need a solid legal team. They need time to get things in place to fight a decision that I believe is wrong. I know I am joined by 1000's of supporters.
An account is being established at the Three Hills Town Office to collect funds to help the Gustafsons with legal expenses.
There are petition sheets throughout Kneehill County asking the Province for an appeal.
Guzoo has been a part of this district for over two decades. We have to do everything we can to help them. They can't do this by themselves.
This is not the Alberta Advantage that we live every day. This is a disadvantage not just to the Gustafson family, but to the animals they love and care for and to all of us who love them.
Perhaps the Wildrose Alliance Party has something to say about this.
That's Life.