That's Life

We wait all year, we hold our breath and then it comes. I'm not talking about Christmas, I'm talking about Cruise Nite. I'm also talking about our 2nd Annual Motorcycle Show and our Great Retro Rock Cabaret. It's all happening Saturday, June 5. It will happen under a sunny sky and warm but not hot temperatures. Come on out so I can take your picture.
Next Wednesday, June 9 The Capital is launching our GREAT website. It's amazing. It's more than I ever dreamed of. There's video with sound, there's up-to-date weather, news, photos, social networking, classifieds, real estate, community events calendar, obituaries, card club, special issues and more.
It was only six months ago when I was approached by a young mom asking if we could post updates on events if there was cancellations or schedule changes. I think I brushed the idea off as trying to teach and old dog new tricks. And now we can and will. How cool is that? "Way cool", said the old dog. Just go to on Wednesday, June 9 and take it in, take it all in.
Last but certainly not least I am proud to announce that our 2010 Kneehill Grad Guide will be inserted in your June 23rd issue of The Capital. This is the first year that all grad photos will be in color, thanks to our friends at Star Press who print our paper and very special issues each and every week.That's Life.