That's Life July 14, 2010

The Kneehill Region has just experienced a showcase of Volunteerism, at its best.
Week after week we have the privilege and pleasure of attending community celebrations that simply would not happen without volunteers, and plenty of them.
My wife and I grew up in Three HiIls. Our parents were members of the Three Hills Elks, The Kinsmen Club, Legion, Legion Auxiliary, IODE, Kinettes, Royal Purple and more. We grew up experiencing the wonderful picnics, playgrounds, Christmas programs, sports days and all the rest that instilled positive childhood memories in us.
It's because of those fabulous memories that we pride ourselves in joining so many others in volunteering for our community just like so many of you volunteer for yours.
You are never too young or too old to make a positive difference in your community. Let yourself become part of an extremely rewarding life by becoming the next, new volunteer.
I've met people who have said, "I'd like to volunteer for something but I don't know who to talk to." Well, my friends, you have come to the right guy. I can hook you up with so many community leaders, in need of volunteers, it'll make your head spin.
After a few weeks of volunteering, you'll wear such a grin on your face most people will wonder what you're up to. Tell them.
Volunteering is a life changing experience, for you and for those you are helping. You might feed the aged, clear the snow from a sidewalk, coach a sport, walk a dog, clean a home, help someone with their reading, get the mail, cut the grass, drive someone somewhere, watch the kids or walk into Seniors Outreach and simply ask, "Where can I help?"
If we were paid cash money for volunteering, most of us would probably donate it back to make our communities the best that they can be. As it stands, volunteers live a rich life that money just cannot buy. That's obvious in the quality of events that have taken place in our region throughout the year.
Congratulations to you volunteers. Your hard work continues year-round, the events keep on coming, the memories your hard work instills will create volunteers out of the next generation. You define "community".
That's Life.