That's Life July 21, 2010

The past few months have been a little hectic at The Capital.
Most of you are aware that we took on the Sears agency back in April of 2009. There was a lot of renovating, drywall dust, compromise, and learning curves but The Capital and Sears seemed to get along fairly well.
We had a visit one day, this spring, by some Sears Higher-ups. It seems we were doing fairly well and we were identified as a "potential growth community".
I started dreaming about expansion and, to make a long story short, we bought the building next to us on the west side.
Again, there was a lot of renovating, drywall dust, compromise and learning curves but The Capital and Sears still seem to get along fairly well.
To celebrate our growth we're having a Sears-Three Hills Grand Opening on Friday, July 23. See pages 10 and 11 of this issue for all the details.
I popped in to the Three Hills Farmer's Market yesterday, Tuesday, July 20. If you've ever wondered where everybody is just show up there. There wasn't a chair left in the huge coffee area. The vendor tables were loaded with great buys and the buying floor was extremely busy.
You see folks, attracting shoppers to an area of business is not a difficult task. One word sums it up. That word is "reason". You have to give people a reason to shop uptown, downtown, "Where all the lights are bright."
Our new "Sears - Three Hills" has added a little brightness and a little more "Reason" to our downtown and I hope those reasons continue to build.
I would love to see the old Home Hardware lumber yard building turned into a "Three Hills Market" that houses any number of vendors year round. I'm not trying to interfere with the Farmer's Market. It only operates one day per week for a few months each year.
The "Three Hills Market" is simply an idea that has worked in many, many communities and we have a facility that could be a big "reason" for shoppers to come downtown, again.
The more reasons we create, the more shoppers appear. The more shoppers appearing results in more "reasons". Reasons like a men's and ladies clothing store, a really comfortable coffee shop with lots of room for a good old visit. I declare, there had to be at least 100 people visiting at the Farmer's Market. You can't tell me people only want to do that once a week.
Entrepreneurs, come out, come out, wherever you are. Let's join forces and create more "Reasons" throughout the seasons to fill every space in town with interesting, affordable shopping and solid service that will keep them coming back.
Give the shoppers what they want. Give them a reason.
That's Life.