That's Life July 28 2010

My wife and I have been almost weekly travellers on Highway 21 for the last 20-plus years. We have lived a "back and forth" lifestyle enjoying our time spent at Buffalo Lake and our work-week here in Three Hills.
The traffic has increased on Highway 21 due to congestion on the QEII. It's not the lazy trail that it used to be.
The August long weekend is upon us. Alberta highways record the heaviest traffic of the year at this time. Along with that comes all sorts of problems.
Drivers come in all sorts of makes and models, just like the vehicles they are operating. They come as young and old, experienced and new to the wheel. Some insist on drinking alcohol while driving. Some read a paper or focus on cell phone texting, as the rest of the world passes by.
Some die because of your stupidity behind the wheel. Fatalities resulting from the August long weekend are most often the highest in the year. Because of that and other reasons, our police officers will be out in full force.
Do not drink and drive. Do not operate a motor vehicle when impaired in any way. That includes being exhausted or on some forms of medication. Do not speed or follow too close behind the vehicle in front of you. Do not pass on a solid line or when unsafe to do so. Do not drive for too long a period. Do not talk or text on your cell phone while driving. Do not carry liquor in your vehicle unless it is safely stored in the box of your pickup or the trunk of your car. If you do not obey the rules of the road, you must face the long arm of the law.
And when you get where you're going, please respect others enough to allow them the right to have a nice time.
Boaters beware. You have to have a boater operator's license and if you don't and you get caught, you will part with a few hundred dollars. Bike and quad only where allowed and do not trespass.
It seems like there's more don'ts than do's these days, but that's because they gave us an inch and we took a mile. It's the same everywhere and 10 years from now, there will be even more don'ts to deal with.
Buckle up, slow down, bring them back alive.
That's Life.