That's Life August 5, 2010

When I was born my dad called my grandparents and announced "Butcher Boy". Dad rushed Mom up to the Three Hills Municipal Hospital in the old truck that was used for hauling meat and making deliveries to and from Shearlaw  Brother's Locker Storage. My dad Ron and Uncle Norman owned and operated that store from 1948 o 1980, right here in Three Hills.
Norman and Marie and their children Fred and Linda (Torpy), lived upstairs. The brothers operated a custom butcher shop with a fresh meat counter. They also operated their own slaughter house and cold storage facility.
Those old times rushed through my mind Tuesday, August 3 as our old landmark building came tumbling down.
It hasn't been "ours" for 30 years but it seems like yesterday when all five Shearlaw kids worked in what we called "The Store."
Byrne's Electric was kind enough to lend me a bucket truck so this butcher boy turned newspaper publisher could record the demolition. I probably could have shot it from the ground but I figured the old girl deserved a special send-off.
That old building was filled with great memories. Sometimes it's the most simple things in life that mean the most.
I remember playing in the old tractor tire sandbox on the north side of the store. I remember building cardboard box forts and the smell of fresh sawdust. I remember working in the freezer on hot summer days. I remember standing on a soapbox so that I was tall enough to trim hamburger. I stand on a different soapbox now. I remember tagging along with Dad on deliveries all over town. There's just so many great memories of the years we spent in that store.
As I looked down from my bird's eye view, I recorded history as that landmark crashed to the ground, I bid it a fond farewell. The building is gone, but I remember. That's Life.