That's Life September 1, 2010

A recent crash at the intersection of Highway 21 and 27 east and my own personal witnessing of a driver blowing a red light while on a cell phone makes me wonder.
Why are we still allowed to operate a motor vehicle and use a handheld cell phone at the same time?
Those who die in crashes, caused by a driver on a cell phone, are just as dead whether killed by drug use, fatigue or alcohol.
Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and Newfoundland/Labrador have already outlawed handheld cell phone useage and/or text messaging while driving.
It's comforting to know that debate begins this fall, by the Alberta Government, concerning an extensive set of rules that target distracted driving. Hands-free will still be ok. No more texting. How will you continue to live?
The province says they're sending a strong safety message to all Albertans. When you're in your vehicle, focus on your driving.
But driver distraction didn't begin with cell phones. As in most cases, if you look back, these distractions began through much simpler means. I know a guy who ended up in a creek because he was reading a comic book while driving. How about the guy who is shaving while driving or the lady who is putting on her makeup while behind the wheel.
I spoke with a fellow who rear-ended someone because he was reading a map while driving in Edmonton. I recall when one of our own delivery trucks left the road and rolled because the driver was focussed on the cigarette lighter instead of the road. The driver lived, the truck didn't. The new legislation might save your life or the life of someone you love. Welcome it.
And speaking of welcome, it's back to school for all students in the Golden Hills School Division. They're getting a few days in before the Labor Day weekend. Watch your speeds in school and playground zones. Keep a sharp eye for the little ones as they head back.
Remember, you only have a few weeks to pick up your packages concerning the upcoming Municipal Election. Nomination day is September 20 and your completed forms will only be accepted on that day until noon sharp.
Is it time for you to do some good for your community?
Think about it. That's Life.