That's Life October 20, 2010

It's exciting to see municipal elections come but it's nice to see them go so we can all get to work.
Congratulations to all candidates who were successful in their campaigns. My sincere gratitude goes out to all candidates, win or lose, for giving of themselves in an effort to provide leadership in their municipality. You should all be very proud.
Three Hills Council, and others, will be sworn in on Monday, October 25. Organizational meetings will follow. Perhaps you will be asked to serve your community. Please consider the opportunity if it arises. It's time well spent.
As incoming Three Hills Mayor, I would like to publicly thank Mayor Kevin Edwards for his vision and his leadership. There have been many positive things happen in this community because of Kevin and the former Council. They faced any number of major issues including the roller coaster ride that many communities faced during the most recent energy boom. Days of unprecedented growth were followed by a world recession leaving towns and cities with declining populations, business closures, retirement fortunes lost and a declining real estate market. Still we continued to build, make progress and recover. The future looks bright. Thanks to our former Mayor and Council for holding the course during the good times and bad. For being forward thinking and following through to fulfill the needs of our community as they came to light.
They are Heroes
Having just released our annual 16-page Fire Prevention Special issue, we are all reminded of how valued our firefighters are.
While the ink was still drying on last week's special issue, Reporter/Photographer Amy Nakaska and I responded to an emergency dispatch to a location east of Carbon.
What we would come upon was a scene that left me scratching my head. What on earth had happened here? A two-vehicle crash about a half mile into a recently harvested field gave no answers to my questions and we don't bother firefighters, ambulance crews or police at an active scene.
Reporter Debi Moon did the follow-up story. It's published elsewhere in this issue with a photo at the scene.
When the medals for heroic conduct are handed out, I hope Carbon Firefighter Neil Bertsch is at the front of the line. Read the story for yourself. This type of thing doesn't happen very often. Thank God. Neil Bertsch saved lives that day.
That's Life.