That's Life October 27, 2010

Last week, the Town of Trochu officially became "The Pinkest Little Town in the West". The event was a light-hearted competition between communities selected to host stops concerning the Wild Pink Yonder Ride to Fight Breast Cancer. There's nothing light-hearted about Breast Cancer itself, but folks along the way did all they could to pink things up in order to "Wow" the travelling Judges.
I was chatting with Trochu CAO Maureen Malaka and she pointed out that the host communities in Kneehill County raised the Lion's share of the grand total.
That's right, Trochu, Three Hills, Linden and Acme were the big guns. Three Hills came in second to Trochu. It's tough to beat over $27,000. Congratulations to all participants for a job well done.
If you involve yourself with trick or treating Sunday, October 31 is the day. There's not much sense in moving Hallowen around when it falls on a Sunday. If you have treats to give, make sure your entry is well lit and do make sure that your front yard is clear of objects that could cause little ones, and not-so-little ones, to trip.
Make sure your child's costume is bright enough to be seen by motorists. A piece of reflective tape is always a proactive measure on the front and back of the costume. If you are not personally travelling with your youngsters, have them travel with a group. A flashlight might not be thought of as "cool" but it could be key in your child's safety.
Children out collecting treats are excited. They often dart across the street. Keep your eyes open and your speed down if you are operating a motor vehicle during Halloween festivities.
And please, please respect people's property. This is a fun night that, if I recall, should end with a pillowsack full of candy bars. It's no fun dealing with vandalism. Don't do it.
The police will be out in full force keeping an eye on things. Have fun.
That's Life.