That's Life December 15, 2010

The other day a lady from Trochu burst through the door of our Sears store and asked if we were going out of business. We assured her that Sears - Three Hills is alive and well and open for business.
My friend Elsie Garson just dropped in to sign our Annual Community Christmas Card. She asked, "You're not closing the Sears store, are you?" I smiled and said, "No, where did you hear that?" She said she had been at the Trochu Drop-In Centre and the word was that Sears was closing. Somebody has got their wires crossed. Sears will be here for many a year, at least that's our objective.
I would like to thank everyone who came out to enjoy Moonlight Madness last Friday night. It's always wonderful to see so many folks out shopping and enjoying the festive season.
It's funny how it works for me. I get excited when I can't find a place to park in Three Hills. I mean, happy excited. Not the kind of excited I get when I can't find a parking spot in Calgary. My question is, why do we only swam downtown and seemingly have a wonderful time once a year? It's kind of like the Farmer's Market. I'd love to see a market that operates throughout the year. A general store concept, filled with vendors offering everything from baked goods to jewellery and everything in between, operating 12 months of the year would be a great addition to our downtown core. It would be like the Bethlehem Walk, less the soldiers, live animals and the birth of  Baby Jesus, but similar just the same. Okay, we're working on it. Let's see if it comes together in 2011.
And hat's off to all involved in the Second Annual Bethlehem Walk. Organizers report that 2,000 people took it in over the two weekends. This is truly an amazing success story. Keep up the good work.
Next week we will publish our Annual Christmas Greeting issue. For over 30 years we have had elementary school children create drawings of what Christmas means to them. Stories are also written based on the theme "My Most Memorable Christmas". We look forward to contributions this year from 140 students attending Three HIlls School and Prairie Christian Academy. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we enjoy bringing it all together.
The office of Capital Printers Ltd. is closed from December 22, 2010 to Jan. 3, 2011 inclusive, for Christmas holidays. I get excited just writing a sentence that contains two different years and the word Holidays in the same line. Our adjoining Sears - Three Hills Store will close at noon on Christmas Eve. It will re-open on Tuesday, Dec. 28 and operate from 10 am to 2 pm through to Thursday, Dec. 30. Sears will be closed Friday, Dec. 31 to January 3, 2011 inclusive. Sears will re-open with regular hours on Tuesday, January 4, 2011.
If you have yet to sign our Community Christmas Cards, stop in to our office. You have until Tuesday, December 21 but why wait until the last minute? All proceeds from the cards go to the Three Hills Area Food Bank.
That's Life.